09 July 2007

The best agents in the world

Today we have the sad news that 14 US Operatives have been captured in Iran. From Kamangir we hear of the bad news:
According to IRNA, the official Islamic Republic news agency, the national Police chief has implicitly verified the news about the confiscation of a number of squirrels, equipped with eavesdropping devices, on the Iranian borders. He has declined to give any more details, but, reportedly, when asked about the confiscation of 14 spy squirrels, he stated, “I have heard about it, but I do not have precise information”. IRNA adds, “These squirrels were equipped by foreign intelligence services, but were captured two weeks ago by the Police”.
Yes, the time has come to tell of the Secret Squirrel Project!

It was started nearly 40 years ago and was first leaked to the press by accident, and from that we had worries that our best kept secret of the Cold War would escape.
Fortunately no one took the idea seriously and those early agents went on to have some notariety, but their true identities always remained a secret.

With the end of the Cold War, however, these fine agents found themselves without much to do and the test facility, itself, was shut down. With the coming of a new conflict, however, these two would pop up again.

While the Nation had not paid much attention to other enemies, these two agents kept true to their calling and never relented in their pursuit of protecting America. Their contacts, however, ensured that they learned the basics of the new enemy, and even as they were no longer as antagonistic, they still worked 'on the other side'.

And even as they bid fond farewell to the old ways, they knew that the new needed new recruits... new tactics. Thus an old friend, also in the same line of work, would come to help them.
Thus, after the Nation's tragedy the new corps was needed and the recruitment drive begun.

They would come from various parts of the Nation, each with their own skills and abilities. Some were obviously suited to undercover work and espionage.

Some were obviously unafraid of dry environments and working in them.

Others better suited towards communications and observation.

A few would have some rudiments of disguises and had put them to poor use to survive in a cold, cruel world.
Still others would show their ability to sneak through hostile territory.
While others would have the necessary background to not be afraid of some dirty work.

This motley group would soon coalesce under the good leadership of their mentors.

Learning the rudiments of skills necessary for this sort of work.

The hard work and training would begin in many fields, especially ones that would allow for good 'covers' to be made in the ACORN GROUP of photojournalists.
Then the hard training would begin.

Specialized equipment was procured, and agents made sure they knew its uses.

The new design specifications for weapons showed how easily adaptable these fine recruits were to many roles.

After long months of training their first combat missions would come to the fore, and they would be sent off to fight, spy and do all the hard work that humans could not do.

Yes, their battles would be almost unknown to the rest of us, fighting in secret wars in far off lands.

But they would adapt to the climates, conditions and enemies seen, buying time for the Next Generation to be trained.
They were helped by a denizen truly not of their species or of this Earth, but dedicated to Tooth, Justice and the American Way.
And someday, their full story can be told... but only after Justice is won.

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