13 July 2006

A sign of the last days!

Some people look for all sorts of signs and signal and portents to tell of when the last days of the universe has arrived. Great things happening in the sky... like a 10 mile wide asteroid coming in at trans-sonic speed.... but that is *so* prosaic.

In times past others looked to malformed births or anomolous weather... and then there is the entire 'wars and rumor of wars' bit, which, for the life of me, can't figure out *when* there haven't been those...

Charismatic leaders have followers take their lives to get to a better one... if you are *lucky* and they don't decide to hasten that day.Mr. Kim!

Still others look for obscure codes hidden in religious texts, which may or may not give the absolute meaning of The Question To Life, The Universe And Everything... which is absolutely necessary as the answer is 42. But then there are the subtle things, which thankfully can only do their evilness if they go across the globe. And so this is worrying...

The Hello Kitty! Toaster

Luckily we are safe from this... it is only in Japan...

Hello Kitty! Toaster with Toast!

but that was in 1999....


The end is near!

Repent now!

Or you shall be doomed to Hello Kitty!


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