09 February 2006

A French Pig Party... time to partaaaaay!

Well, this post, being the introductory, will need a bit of explaining...

Imagine you were a Danish Imam... and saw a few depictions of Mohommed in a newspaper and you didn't like them... but you really couldn't criticize them for being crude, lewd or socially unacceptable because... well... they were well drawn and slightly humorous. So what to do? Hmmmm... well, maybe if you took copies of them... and put in a few reprehensible things you had cooked up yourself or had a friend photoshop.... and just 'innocently' included them but didn't say anything... why guild by association!! Smear the paper for things it didn't do!

Yes! That's the ticket!!!

Take tour... Middle East erupts in furor... Embassies burned, mobs crying out for more jihad... leave your job, well done! And then your successor can bask in the joy of berating the infidels in Denmark...

And when the jig is up, it is found out that one of the pictures is not about Mohommed, not about a Muslim but... is the winner of a FRENCH PIG PARTY!!!

Also a bit unfortunate is an Egyptian newspaper publishing the actual cartoons before they could be slandered. And that some in the Middle East just don't really understand why some of their less smart brothers are being misled....

And then those damn infidels actually SUPPORT Denmark!

There you have it! The French Pig Party Award for 2005!

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